The Creativity Coach

“We teach Amplified Idea Generation™. Through our 9-step Mystery to Mastery Creative Journey™ you will learn how to create more ideas, how to create better ideas, and how to create them more often. The payoff? For every person, the confidence of an inspired, idea-filled life. For every organization, the measurable monetary value that fresh thinking from the team adds to the bottom line.”

  • In this era of unprecedented change and the need for think-on-your-feet adaptability, creativity is the world’s number one currency.

  • The personal value of unsticking your brain is a life where fresh ideas freely flow, where your horizons seamlessly expand, and where you grow, every day, as the freedom of new thinking drives new actions that deliver powerful new results and accomplishments.

  • In business, the moneymaking value of a fresh, usable idea to revenue growth is profound and exponential for both emerging and established companies. In any economy – but particularly in a challenging economic environment – new actionable ideas are a clear competitive advantage.

  • Thoughts are things. Thoughts also become things. Everything you see stems from an idea that someone had at some point in time. But in today’s strangle of reduced resources, financial austerity, and inward-impacted stress, how do you free the brain to truly think?

  • The Creativity Coach teaches people how to consistently deliver divergent, right-brain, actionable thinking that drives fresh ideas and, ultimately, innovation.

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  • Through dynamic online, video and print tools, processes, teleseminars, webinars, keynotes, group training, personal coaching, workshops, seminars and live conferences, The Creativity Coach inspires individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate teams in the art and science of Amplified Idea Generation™.

  • Through The Mystery to Mastery Creative Process™, you will learn:

    • how to create more ideas;
    • how to create better ideas; and,
    • how to create them more often.
  • You’ll learn how to free your brain. The payoff?

    • For you as a person, the confidence of an inspired life.
    • For your organization, the measurable monetary value that fresh thinking from the team adds to the bottom line.